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Michelle Davis

Front Desk Support

Why did you decide to go into the beauty industry?
A many can relate, as a child I was not confident in myself or my appearance. I thought very poorly of my physical appearance which was intensified by being teased. My goal as a hair stylist is to bring out the beauty in every single person whether it is a child or an adult; I want to make everyone feel great about themselves by the time they leave my chair.

What are your beauty industry goals?
originally started with the intention of hairstyling being my full time career, although life sometimes has other plans. I had to take a brief break, but now I am back! I could not stay away from an industry I am so passionate about. Today as a part time hairstylist, I strive to continue my education and training, to bring the best quality and creativity to every cut & style.

What do you like to do for fun?
I enjoy spending time with my two little girls, my boyfriend and his two children, our three dogs, and our chinchilla. Every once in awhile, I love having "ladies night out" and going to the movies.

Favorite Product Line and Why:
I am loving R+Co! All of their products do exactly what they were formulated to do, smell fantastic, and most importantly feel like you don't have any product in your hair. I love the feeling of natural silky hair!

Favorite Hairstyle:
I am a huge fan of updo's and vintage style hair.